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Laser facials can be expensive. Chemical peels are an alternative. For less money, remove dead skin cells, small scars, fine lines, dark spots, freckles and other unwanted skin imperfections that can result from hormones, aging and exposure to the elements. Implemented on an outpatient basis, chemical peels can be safely performed by trained medical estheticians at the Manhattan Center for Dermatology.

There are different chemical peels. Choosing one will be dependent on factors like skin color, texture, imperfections and elasticity. The professionals at the Manhattan Center for Dermatology will counsel you on which solution works best for you.

Lowest Grade: AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) Peel

An AHA peel can manage skin textures that are dry and rough. The procedure will utilize skin bleaching agents to minimize dark spots and skin discoloration. These peels will take about 10 minutes to apply. The finish will give the appearance of a sunburn. Skin will be dry and red. Over the next five days, skin will peel and heal.

Medium Grade: TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid) Peel

A TCA peel is applied to treat surface acne, fine lines and slight skin imperfections. This peel takes about 15 minutes. Darker skin may require multiple treatments spaced out over several months. The application could result in redness, mild swelling, crusting, scabbing, and, of course, peeling. Your downtime can be between five and 10 days, dependent on how long it takes the skin to heal.

Higher Grade: Phenol or Carbolic Acid Peel

This intense peel is for deep, coarse wrinkles, and deep skin imperfections and dark spots. Unlike other chemical peels, phenol peels cannot be applied to the neck or other body parts as it can leave scars. The procedure has to be performed by a medical professional because it requires general anesthesia and a sterile environment. There may be after-effects like heavy swelling, and eyes swelling and hindering vision. Bandages may be applied, but they will be removed after a few days. Pain killers may be prescribed. Female patients will not be able to wear makeup for up to 14 days. As the skin will be susceptible to damage, you will need to stay out of the sun up to three weeks.

Getting the proper information on peels has to be a priority. The professionals at the Manhattan Center for Dermatology are prepared to educate everyone in the greater New York area about chemical peels. Give us a call and schedule a consultation.

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