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Mohs skin cancer surgery is an effective and less disfiguring technique to completely remove skin cancers. At first, this surgery was used to remove squamous and basal cell skin cancers, but studies have shown it to be effective in eradicating the more dangerous melanoma as well.

What Happens In Mohs Surgery?

During Mohs surgery, the dermatologist shaves off the cancerous lesion one layer at a time along with a very small margin of healthy skin. It is then examined under a microscope, and more layers are removed until no more cancerous cells are detected. This not only leads to less scarring, but preserves more healthy tissue and results in the highest cure rate of any other type of skin cancer treatment. The cure rate is as high as 99 percent. It’s also an outpatient procedure, and the patient only needs a local anesthetic.

Mohs surgery usually takes about four hours, though it can be longer depending on the patient. Though it’s an outpatient treatment, the patient should clear their calendar, and bring some work or reading material with them in case the surgery goes long. The longest part of the treatment is when the tissue sample is taken to the lab to be analyzed under the microscope. This takes about an hour.

The surgery itself takes great skill on the part of the dermatologist, so many of these doctors have specialized training even as Mohs surgery is taught as part of basic dermatology study.

After the Surgery and Recovery

When the dermatologist has determined that all of the skin cancer is gone, they may let the wound heal on its own with just a dressing over it or use sutures to close it. Deeper wounds may be covered with skin grafts or skin flaps. If the wound has been unexpectedly deep, the dermatologist will close it up, and refer the patient to a doctor who specializes in reconstructive surgery.

Because people who have had one episode of skin cancer are at higher risk for other skin cancers, the patient should be diligent about keeping follow-up appointments with their doctor.

Call Manhattan Center for Dermatology for More Information About Mohs Surgery

Patients in the Greater NYC (or Scarsdale) areas who have (or believe to have) skin cancer should contact the offices of the Manhattan Center for Dermatology for more information about Mohs surgery, an effective, outpatient procedure that minimizes scarring while providing a high cure rate.

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