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GentleMax™ Laser Treatments for Hair Removal in NYC

The GentleMax™ Laser treatment is the newest and most powerful way to remove hair. The system contains two lasers: The Alexandrite or Alex, for lighter skin and The Yag for darker skin. Unlike other laser treatments, the GentleMax™ laser system has been designed to work on any patient with minimal risk (even in darker skin tones) and can remove hundreds of hair follicles at the same time. Unlike most other hair removal lasers, The GentleMax™ contains two powerful lasers that allow the most effective results with minimal risks. We also utilize a light sheer diode hair removal laser for those who are not candidates for our GentleMax™ System.

We provide GentleMax™ Laser Treatments from our dermatology offices in NYC and Scarsdale.

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How does the GentleMax™ Laser System work?

The GentleMax™ Laser treatment done at the Manhattan Center for Dermatology removes unwanted hair for long periods of time through the use of new, advanced laser technology. It avoids the limitations of earlier laser hair removal technology by utilizing two lasers in one machine. This allows our certified dermatologists in NYC to use more powerful settings that give longer lasting results in all skin types.

The GentleMax™ Laser treatment will simultaneously treat hundreds of hairs and then provide a soothing, cool pulse to the area treated to reduce discomfort. The treatment can take anywhere from a matter of minutes to an hour, depending on the amount of skin being treated. The treatment can be used to remove unwanted hair from any area of the body, including the face, underarms, legs, arms, bikini area, and back.

What should I expect during and after GentleMax™ Laser treatments?

While the GentleMax™ Laser treatment can be painless, some patients may feel a brief, small sting that can be reduced using anesthetic creams. The cryogenic super-cooling spray, which is a feature of the GentleMax™ Laser treatment, normally provides immediate relief and is appreciated by the patients who've had other laser treatment procedures.

What are my limitations after the treatment?

Our NYC patients are typically able to resume their normal activities directly after the procedure, although some slight redness may be noticed in the area that was treated. This, or any swelling around the follicles, lasts only a few hours and is an indication that the treatment was successful. The use of a special lotion may be advised, and you can use makeup if you want, but you should limit exposure to the sun.

How many laser treatment sessions will be needed?

To obtain significant laser hair reduction, most patients will need 4-6 treatments over a 12 month period, and some elect to have maintenance treatment after that.

Why should I choose Manhattan Center for Dermatology for Laser Hair Removal?

The GentleMax™ Laser is the newest in hair removal technology and allows the most versatile and effective results in the industry. At present, there are only three such systems in New York City. We can treat all types of hair and all types of skin with the most effective results. We also use a diode laser for those who are not candidates for the GentleMax™ System.

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