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Manhattan Center for Dermatology

Manhattan Dermatology & Laser Center Dermatologists Treat Skin Disease, Skin Cancer and offer Cosmetic Services

Dermatologists specialize in treating skin disorders, skin diseases, cancers, scars, discolorations, hair loss and nail problems. At Manhattan Dermatology & Laser Center our Board Certified Dermatologists can address any one of these problems for you.

Our dermatologists here in Manhattan can examine your skin and prescribe medications to alleviate or remove the skin disorder. Most skin conditions will respond well to medical treatment by an experienced dermatologist.

Skin problems tend to be slightly different here in Manhattan than other parts of the world. The extreme population of Manhattan, and its tourists, exposes us to more infections which can mean more visits to a board certified dermatologist are necessary.

Manhattan Dermatology & Laser Center sees many patients in regards to skin cancer. Fortunately, treatment is much more successful now than it was even 20 years ago. One key to preventing skin cancer from growing into a potentially fatal disease, like Melanoma, is early diagnosis and treatment.

Our Manhattan dermatologists treat a variety of disorders ranging from the skin, hair or fingernails. We’re here to help you overcome either pesky or serious skin conditions and happy to provide with you with the best service and medical care in your quest to get healthy. Whether you’re dealing with something as simple as hives, acne, or a skin allergy, we want to help.

We cater to patients throughout New York City.

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